• Robert Suarez

    Robert Suarez

    Design and Innovation @su_labs and @singularityu, past @levelmoney, @IDEO practicing #biomimicry

  • Rogue


    Lady Data Security. Award-winning writer. #Crisis/#risk mgment with #OSINT. #Infosec columnist @ZDNetfr. Curator @desidedata #Maker, polylingual bookworm.

  • Linda


    Co-founder 23andMe, Curious, Inc. Follow @wearecurious for updates.

  • Stephanie M. Dloniak

    Stephanie M. Dloniak

    A wildlife biologist slowly morphing into a writer in East Africa.

  • Brent Kearney

    Brent Kearney

    Systems integrator, software developer, future gazer.

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

    We use science and technology to make the world a safer place.

  • Austin Brown

    Austin Brown

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